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Why You Might Need A Melbourne Criminal Lawyer

Crime suspect's hands in a handcuff

If there is ever a point in your life where you need to rely on someone else, that time is when you need to get yourself a criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers are arguably one of the most stressed-out people, and do a lot of good in the world. There could be a time where you are wrongfully jailed and accused of something that you didn’t do, and no one else will believe you until you get yourself a lawyer. Being prepared for these situations is always the best thing that you can do, but if you are going out and breaking the law, then you likely won’t be prepared for these kinds of situations. Here are a few things that a Melbourne criminal lawyer should be able to help you with.

Plea Deals

If you have committed a crime, and you know you are guilty, or there’s sufficient evidence to point to you doing the crime, then your best choice is to likely plead guilty. However, if you don’t have a lawyer, giving a plea of guilty could just mean that you serve your time and the court doesn’t give you any less of a punishment. This is where a plea deal could come in handy. If you get a Melbourne criminal lawyer, just their presence should be enough to give you lighter sentencing. However, if your lawyer organises a plea deal, your sentencing could be significantly reduced and they won’t be able to punish you as hard. As unfortunate as it is, having a lawyer present will lead to better results than representing yourself.

Reopen Cases

Melbourne criminal lawyer meeting a client

If you lost a case in the past and didn’t have a lawyer representing you at the time, you may be eligible to reopen a case and change the punishment or outcome. If a law has been changed recently, then you might even be entitled to some reparations. Maybe a case has happened that set a different precedent than what you received. All of these things can help you, especially if you have a felony on your record. You don’t get magical powers once you get a lawyer, but you might as well, since they can change your record very easily, and if it isn’t easy, they’ll find a way to at least expunge something and make it easier for you to give a good name for yourself.

Proper Representation

Representing yourself is perfectly fine if your charges are small, such as with a speeding ticket. But once you start getting into some more serious crime, then representing yourself becomes a pretty bad idea and you can dig yourself an incredibly deep hole if you don’t have a lawyer present. A Melbourne criminal lawyer can give you proper representation, advice, and previous case knowledge so that you can know how to best present your case in front of a jury or judge. Without this representation, you likely are making a fool out of yourself and opening yourself up for more cases and harsher punishments.

You Don’t Have to Talk Much At All

If you choose to represent yourself, you are the one that is going to have to do all of the talking. If you are the one doing the talking, you open yourself up to leaking more information and acquiring new charges. However, having your lawyer talk for you gives you more freedom and they will say the right thing every time. Lawyers speak very particularly, and the way that a lawyer presents your case will be in a way so that you cannot get charged with any other crime.

In every court scenario, it is better to have a Melbourne criminal lawyer than to not have one.