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Why Freight Forwarding Companies Offer More Than Operational Shortcuts

freight forwarding companies

A common misconception that business owners will have about freight forwarding companies is that they are nothing more than an expensive luxury.

If a business can afford to outsource through these specialists, then they are only doing so because it offers an easy shortcut.

For those who have seen their work up close and recognise what features they provide for transportation, logistics and storage, they know what they are getting and why it is such a worthwhile venture.

We will outline why this service is so much more than just a shortcut to better outcomes. 

Real Time Freight Tracking 

One of the many benefits of being able to work with freight forwarding companies is the capacity to track shipments in real time. No longer do outlets have to wait for an update from a docking centre or loading bay before they are notified of its integrity and position at any given time or date. With the inclusion of digital programs and app integration, participants are able to see where a shipment is located, when it is due to arrive and whether there are any options for delay or diversion where needed. 

Saving Cash & Maximising Profit 

The financial component will be front of mind for owners and managers that need to justify outsourcing any department, especially one as significant as the use of freight forwarding companies. Thankfully these practitioners have the skills and resources to identify cost saving measures, reducing transport and logistics fees before opening up pathways for future expansion and leveraging market openings. It might appear like an inconvenience to the budget in the short-term, but the long-term monetary gains do become obvious to those who keep track of the bottom line position. 

Customising the Freight Pathway 

Outlets who need professional freight assistance through these forwarding contractors will appreciate that they are not a one-size-fits-all service. Depending on the business and where it is situated on the supply chain and how far the stock needs to travel, there will be opportunities to utilise air, land and ocean freight ventures. This is essential for businesses that want to be able to have flexibility and to see what is more viable given their own scheduling and partnership demands that dictate what is a priority for delivery along the supply chain. 

Thorough Security Protocols

If there is a standout feature that managers and staff on ground level will appreciate with freight forwarding companies, it is the ability to engage with security protocols. By tapping into their network, they will have practitioners at every stanza who use the most updated systems and resources to retain the integrity of the shipment contents. Then there will be the digital security of commercial information, something that requires the very best of cloud-based computing to encrypt any outside interference. 

Complying With Laws & Regulations 

If working with freight forwarding companies was as simple as picking and choosing what moves where and when without any outside requirements, it would be a fairly easy practice. However, in this environment, there are particular regulations and laws that stipulate what is legal and what can be moved under certain conditions. The use of these specialists allows enterprises to pass these codes, to have all of the paperwork completed and to be dealing with the right authorities on this matter. 

Affording More Time & Focus on Other Departments 

A key reason why freight forwarding companies offer more than a simple operational shortcut is that they give the brand a chance to focus on other department demands. With the capacity to manage the transportation of goods and deal with carriers and shippers from various locations, suddenly there are less resources needed for those logistics. Owners and managers have the autonomy to dedicate more time to client relations, marketing, accounting and strategic commercial planning, something that is offered as a result of partnering with excellent freight forwarding companies.