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On The Right Shade: The Visionary Range of Ahlem Sunglasses

Woman wearing Ahlem sunglasses

Ahem! Can I get your attention please? Ahlem sunglasses are the new frontier for eyewear, outshining everyone in plain sight. Spanning at almost a decade, the coveted brand has offered services for people looking to for all their visionary needs. They offer a range of Ahem sunglasses to choose from one to suit every unique lens. From the different, colours, styles and shapes, there’s a pair to fit everyone. Let’s take a closer look and witness the incredible products of Ahem sunglasses on display.

About Ahlem Sunglasses

Ahlem sunglasses started just over 7 years ago in 2014 by a Parisian LA designer by the name of the brand. The brand doesn’t gloss over the little details, providing the best and most eco-friendly ingredients, to provide the best of the best eyewear products. The company works on mashing arts and culture and putting the two into fashion. Taking inspiration from Bauhaus’ work, they focus on creating a vison that pays attention to the beauty and appreciation for the art world.  She places three worlds collided together: the Parisian world, the Los Angeles world and the art world to make something magical. Today we’re going to be taking a peek at some of the best products in their recent line.

Champ De Mars in Yellow

This frame from Ahlem sunglasses is incredibly radiant, making any eye of the beholder a visionary in spectacles. It is incredibly bold, with its thick and intense frames, making anyone pay attention to your looks. For an eyewear product that is the ultimate statement piece, Champ De Mars is the perfect lens for you. It’s a shade of brown and yellow tones will suit any face, ranging from skin tone to facial shape. It is tailored to hit every angle of your face perfectly. It can be customised according to specifications, with a malleable nose bridge. Taking inspiration from Bauhaus, these Ahlem sunglasses has been applied to fashion in the best style there is possible.

Place Dauphine in White Gold

Not the usual spectacle, Place Dauphine has a unique quality with modern twist on the Art Deco style. This product of Ahlem sunglasses has a sophisticated and interesting look with an off-center approach to the typical round eyewear design. It is highly of the best quality with its inclusion of 22 carat gold, made by hand from some of the finest eyewear artisans in France. It throws nostalgia into the mix, giving a temple tip that is the ultimate throwback.

Place De La Bastille in Champagne Windsor

This eyewear accessory from Ahlem sunglasses is one for the cheeky chickens. With its spectacle frames and pilot shape, it plays fondly with retro looks with a more contemporary edge. Mixing these ideas, here is an eye-catching product of Ahlem sunglasses that will make every onlooker turn heads.

Rue Berthe in Burgundy

The ultimate librarian spectacles, it’s the Ahlem sunglasses for anyone wanting to look intelligent and charming all at once. With it’s nudge to cat eye frames and the Velma from Scooby-Doo look, this beautiful shade of red adds a more sophisticated and classic look to the spunky style. Become a visionary in red with the Rue Berth spectacles in burgundy.

Rue Duroc in Smoked Light

Clear and transparent eyewear is in. But with it being one of the trendiest eye accessories, the Rue Duroc offered by Ahlem sunglasses has a unique edge that makes it the perfect lens to don on to follow the trends but also follow the beat of your own drum. It has a grey and brown tint that’s hue suits the facial shape and skin complexion of anyone who wears these frames. It would be ru(d)e not to give this style a try!