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How To Choose Beanie Boos As A Gift

gift wrapped in a box

If you didn’t know, Beanie Boos are somewhat of a contemporary successor to the hugely popular beanie babies range. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with products ranging from pure cuddly plushies to items that have an actual utility like backpacks and even socks – yep, socks!

Of course, it’s difficult to rank which of these cute and cuddly products are the best, since you could be forgiven for wanting all of them. There’s no doubt that they make perfect gifts for small children, and perhaps some adults who are in touch with their inner child.

If you are trying to find the perfect candidate to buy as a gift for a loved one, it can be difficult to make your choice. Luckily, the following will give you some tips on how to choose a Beanie Boo as a gift for someone you love.

1.    Think about what they will use

As mentioned, Beanie Boos come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can have different functions. Some are nothing more complicated than a cuddly toy to snuggle with, while others can double as pillows or even be used to store things.

If you know a child who is growing up fast and starting to handle their own money, you could get them one of the TY wallets. If you know someone who has said they need a new pair of slippers, get them a pair of fashion sequin Beanie Boo slippers.

If you know that someone likes novelty socks, then get them a pair of sock-a-boos that will give them an absolute delight. The squishy ones are really great when you know the gift recipient likes to throw pillows.

Basically, think about what they are missing in their life that you can help them with in the form of a Beanie Boo. In the unlikely event they don’t like the style, and at least they can get some practical use out of a pair of socks or a pillow.

2.    Choose an animal they like

A pair of Ty Beanie Boos animals with big eyes

If you are buying for a child who is obsessed with furry cats, it won’t make much sense to get them a panda plushie. While they might still love the panda plush, they would have loved the cat one even more.

It’s as easy as asking them or their parents what kind of animals they like. If you want to keep it a real surprise, observe the kinds of animal toys they already have.

Even better – get something that looks like a pet they are already attached to. While they are unlikely to have a panda or zebra, you can find a Beanie Boo that could come close to matching the cat or dog they have at home.

This can connect them to their pet when they need to leave the house for school or a sleepover. In this way, this type of gift can make a great companion for children who need a little extra comfort when they are out and about.

3.    Add to what they have already

If you are buying them a Beanie Boo because they already have others, then it’s a good idea to see what they have and get them something to help complete their collection. Also, if they are someone with a decorative keychain, then something like a Beanie Boo clip would be an ideal inclusion that won’t take up much space but shows that you really care.

Those are just a few considerations you should try to think about when you are buying Beanie Boos as a gift for someone.