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Best Green Home Improvements

Green home improvements is that one thing which will cause no harm to your choices and at the same time contribute to the wellness of our planet. It is an option no one can deny, and people are renovating their homes to make them more energy efficient and eco-friendly. There are many green home improvement ideas which might be sometimes costlier to install but can save a fortune in the future. Here is a list of top home improvements that are available in the market.

Green Flooring

With choices carrying from hardwood, bamboo, oak, and Maplewood to the recycled wood earlier being used for barns and cabinets.  Wooden flooring will provide a rich vibe to your interiors and will keep the temperature of your house under control. Cork flooring is an alternative approach to wooden flooring and is more eco-friendly than wood as it saves the trees getting cut down.

Green Decks

If you have a backyard and you are planning on building a platform for outdoor activities, try going for composite decks made from wood waste and recycled plastic. This structure can outlast longer than your regular wooden flooring during rains and extreme temperatures. This option is also reliable as the material will not get much heated up, will not crack and also easy to clean and preserve.

Cool Roofs

There are paint manufacturers who have come up with new technologies on paints as well. There is a reflective coating substance available today that can be applied on top of the paint which will absorb most of the heat and keep the insides cool. There are new types of tiles available which can change their shade from 20% to 80% based which can cut of the sunlight absorbed in your house.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the alternative to the tiles and reflective pain in cases of its availability. Metal is the most potential material to absorb the heat and keep the interiors cool. They are also fireproof and won’t start leaking if a good coating protects the surface. Metal roofs can also last longer than the regular asphalt roofs although they are a bit costlier than asphalt.

Energy Efficient Windows

Double pane window is a solution for more than one problem. It keeps the temperature of your room under control and prevents any noise from entering inside. This will create a more peaceful and comfortable environment for you. It will also keep your house bright during the day time.

Water Saving Toilets

The toilet flush is one of the big consumers of water in many regions. It typically amounts for almost one-third of the water usage of an average home. Today we have highly efficient toilets available in the market which comes with dual flush or pressure assist, which uses 30% less water as compared to the regular flushed.