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Advice for First Time Participants Attending Family Court in Sydney


It will be a big event on the calendar when a spouse is set to attend family court in Sydney for the very first time.

When the mediation avenue has not be agreed to, both participants will be expected to arrive and present their case before a judge hands down their official ruling.

To avoid making common mistakes in these settings, it is imperative that men and women take note of key advice following years of experience from clients who have been through the process.


Arrive With Time to Wait

One of the most common mistakes that men and women can make as they go to attend family court in Sydney is leaving this responsibility until the last minute. Whether it is work or family commitments or the unwanted surprise of traffic congestion, this is an error that could cost participants dearly. Particularly if the client misses the hearing, they could be subjected to financial penalties or rulings that do not fall in their favour.


Legal Aid is Beneficial

Sydney representatives can be hired from professional firms or acquired from the public court in some cases. They will advise best practice, offer guidance for people trying to manage their affairs and handle many of the logistics of the case behind the scenes. Their counsel is incredibly beneficial for first-time arrivals, setting expectations and removing surprises from an already stressful day.


Listen to Representative Over Behaviour, Presentation & Decorum

In the event that citizens do decide to bring aboard representation when attending family court in Sydney, then they should take note of the expectations when walking through the doors. This is a unique environment where behaviour has to be monitored, presentation should be formal and addressing the judge as “your honour” is fundamental. They are small details but they help to outline that the participant respects the process and the judicial system.


Make Child Arrangements Outside of Court

If there are friends, family members or neighbours who might be able to look after children while attending family court in Sydney, that will be an advisable move. There are very rare situations where a son or daughter will need to speak through a judicial officer or consultant, but in a majority of situations they will be advised not to attend these hearings.


Ask Lawyer Questions

lawyer talking to someone over the phone

While the solicitor will have plenty of unprompted information to provide their client, it is still encouraged for men and women to pose questions to their lawyer. There are pressures involved with attending family court in Sydney and rather than making assumptions about the process, it is valuable to pick their brain and determine what is expected in these cases.


Patience is Key

It might sound like a given when attending family court in Sydney for the first time, but being patient in these environments is essential. There can be dozens of cases brought before a judge over the span of hours, and this can set back an original timeframe by upwards of an hour or more. Rather than allowing this tension to build and frustration to develop, it is advisable to be patient and calm at all moments. A pleasant disposition and patient demeanour will only help a client’s case, ensuring they are not doing more damage before a ruling has been handed down.


If mediation practices are not an option or they have already been exhausted, then it is important for participants to be prepared to their full extent. Hopefully, an attendance with family court in Sydney will be a single event, but if there are follow up appointments, it is worthwhile following advice from those who know the system and understand what is at stake.