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ACAT Assessment In Sydney: What To Expect

Elderly woman trying to walk

As you get older, you start to worry about how you are going to take care of yourself, both financially and medically. Things start to pop up with age, and you start getting weaker and sicknesses can become deadly, and you won’t be able to take care of yourself nearly as well. Thinking about moving into an elderly home isn’t the prettiest thought and you probably will think that it is very expensive. Government assistance is an option for you and the ACAT assessment in Sydney will pave the way for you receiving government assistance as you are getting into your later years.

What Should I have Prepared?

There are a few things that you need to have on hand, and a few other documents that can help you when you are getting your ACAT assestments in Sydney. The first two things that are required are your Medicare card and proof of ID, whether that is your drivers license, healthcare card, passport, or any other form of government ID. These are the only two requirements that you need to have an ACAT assessment in Sydney.

Once you have those two items, it is also recommended that you have referrals from your doctor and any information about support that you already receive. Whether the support is from the government or from private organisations, it is something that your assessor would like to know. Having a friend or a family member for support is also an option. You don’t have to do the assessment alone, and if you feel more comfortable having a friend or a family member there for support or to help you answer questions that you may be asked, then you are more than welcome to have someone tag along.

What Will Happen During the ACAT Assessment in Sydney?

Old woman inquiring about acat assesments in Sydney

Preparing for the ACAT assessment in Sydney isn’t too difficult, however, there may be some things that you could be nervous about, such as what will actually be going on during the assessment. To start off the ACAT assessment in Sydney, you might need to fill out a form. This form will be for if you are needing services such as residential, home, or flexible care services.

You will also talk with the assessor about your needs. Questions that might be asked when your assessor is asking about your needs can include the support that you already have, your health and lifestyle, and any health concerns that you have with these. If you are living a relatively healthy lifestyle, then these questions shouldn’t be too scary for you. Some more questions can include how you are completing your daily tasks and activities if you have any memory issues, and what activities you do with your community and family. All of these questions are important in assessing what kind of care they think you will need and how they can best accommodate to your needs.

Lastly, your assessor will help you develop a support plan. These will take your strengths, your difficulties, goals and what you would like to achieve into consideration and develop a support plan for all of the services that you will require. You will also be asked about the preferences that you have in terms of receiving support, such as a male or female nurse, and going over what you will be most comfortable with.

At the end of your assessment, you will be asked if you have any questions. Make sure to prepare some good questions that you might have some concerns about, and keep in mind that they only want you to achieve your goals and be happy.